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Red Paint Woman

Combining scholarly analysis, first-person accounts, and her own experiences and insights as a Koyukon Athabascan artist and anthropologist, Phyllis Ann Fast illuminates the modern Athabascan world. Her conversations with Athabascan women offer revealing glimpses of their personal lives and a probing assessment of their professional opportunities and limitations. Also showcased is the crucial but ambiguous role of Athabascan leaders, who are needed to champion reform and social healing but are often undermined by conflicting notions of decision making, personhood, and leadership in Athabascan society.
A troubling observation of this study is the vast extent to which addiction—manifested as both substance abuse and economic dependency—pervades Northern Athabascan society and threatens to curtail its cohesion and aspirations. But Northern Athabascans are far from victims. As Fast discovers, Northern Athabascan men and women are well aware of these widespread social problems, and many have undertaken initiatives to deal with and heal them. Rigorous and compassionate, Northern Athabascan Survival provides an uncompromising view of a remarkable and troubled world.

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Books by Phyllis Ann Fast

YA FICTION / Action & Adventure /

Survival Stories
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Full color paperback (68 pages)

Deloo had always welcomed the pull of a myriad of oddball spirits. ~Pull a 180!~ Baasee’ shouted into her head. Deloo wasn't used to spirit guides like Baasee', but the crazy people following her didn't know or care. They wanted her beaded jacket at any cost. It was up to Alaska Native, Deloo Goode, to figure out what was so important about her mother's beading—or else be killed like the innkeeper at the Secret Spirit Inn.

Tepi finds herself in communication with a deer spirit who wants her to go into the forest and help an injured deer in need. This is the story of how Tepi found her calling.

Phyllis Fast

 Athabascan Scholar, Writer, Visual Artist

Midnight Trauma

JUVENILE FICTION / Animals / Elephants
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FICTION / Native American & Aboriginal
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Sequel to “Half-Bead of Fundy.”
Someone has killed a teenager at a bead shop in remote Fairbanks, Alaska. Moreover, the owner, Earlene, is missing and the shop keeps getting broken into. Deloo Goode and her mother try to unravel the mysteries surrounding the bead shop. Luckily, Deloo has an invisible weapon: her playful spirit guide Baasee’, who can see things others can’t—sometimes. Will they force the murderer into the open? Can they untangle the clues and surprises before anyone else gets hurt?

FICTION / Native American & Aboriginal

“Go where?” Ping asked Chebucto. “You’ve been banished twice. You have nowhere to go.” Growing up, no matter the era or place, can be terrifying. Chebucto understood what the medicine man told him to do, but couldn’t do it himself on the ancient northeastern coast of North America. Meanwhile, adults in a local group called the Dire Wolf Alliance, tried to rescue and find homes for widows and orphans traumatized by the violent Death Runners who bludgeoned their way through Zana.
The story, told by her spirits Baasee’ and Grandfather Kwaiikit, helps Deloo, the protagonist of Phyllis Fast’s two earlier books, ‘Half-Bead of Fundy’ and ‘Midnight Trauma’, come to grips with her own recent widowhood.

Half-Bead of Fundy by Phyllis Fast

Ginny used to relish the skewed summers in Alaska. Not tonight. Instead, her life flickered to an end. She would never see the solstice night that would have marked the beginning of her first year in college, but she didn’t know that, and, at the moment, didn’t care. She lurched into a worn concrete wall. Her body raked down its length, leaving a red smear as she with her final breaths tried to grip the few rocks that jutted out.

​Women, Community, and the Future (North American Indian Prose Award) by Phyllis Fast​​

A Native American Mystery (2nd in the series( by Phyllis A. Fast

Midnight Trauma, a Native American Mystery

The Dire Wolf Alliance

Story and illustrations by Phyllis Ann Fast

Brella and Her Umbrella: A Baby Elephant Story

Northern Athabascan Survival

A Native American Saga (prequel to Half-Bead of Fundy) by Phyllis A. Fast

Brella, the baby elephant, is so curious that she dreamily follows a pretty bird. She wanders away from her family and is suddenly LOST!
Her spirit guide, Umbrella, attempts to keep Brella safe from danger.

A Native American Mystery (1st in a series) by Phyllis A. Fast

A Native American Mystery (3rd in the series) by Phyllis A. Fast

FICTION / Native American & Aboriginal
$11.95 print, also available as an ebook.

Story and illustrations by Phyllis Ann Fast

The Northern Athabascan peoples of the Alaskan interior and the Yukon have survived centuries of contact and attempted domination by outsiders. Their lives today are rich in meaning and tradition yet are also complicated by numerous challenges such as poverty, alcoholism, domestic violence, suicide, and troubled leadership.

Tepi, the Girl Who Helped the Deer

Half-Bead of Fundy

JUVENILE FICTION / Animals / Deer, Moose & Caribou
$11.95 print, also available as an ebook.